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                                i)    DEADDICTION TREATMENT

                          ii)   HIV TREATMENT


Homeopathic Hospital & Research Institute

Affiliated to Malaysian Homeopathic Doctors Association. Patron: His Royal Highness Sultan of Kedah.

Free hospital services (except HIV and drug abuses cases).

No. 7, Km 37 Jalan Pudu, Kuala Nerang, Kedah, Malaysia.

Tel no.: 04-7318312, 04-7869776, 04-7866309


Deaddiction Treatment

24 hour treatment for heroin, morphine, opium, ice cress (sabu sabu) stranguliser pill, ecstasy, gum etc.

Non use of drug, chemical, no side effects, not dangerous, within 3 days complete cure, proved in many overseas hospitals (Thailand, Indonesia other countries).  Money refund if not cured. Urine test available.

Method of treatment:

1) Clean the bowels

2) Clean the brain

3) Giving strength to the body

For two days: -

Purging 2 hours, cleaning with drawl symptoms 22 hours, by giving medicine intravenously

Another 12 hours vitality treatment to strengthen the body

Rest one week

After 3 days no addiction towards drug

Follow-up with impotency treatment for men and frigidity treatment for women

100% homeopathy new method modern treatment

Guaranteed no side effects and not dangerous no need of long term treatment

Treatment fee for deaddiction only at RM 400.00.  Accommodation price not included.


HIV Treatment

We only treat HIV Elisa and western block positive cases .

First month every day injection and extra internal medicine for cleaning septic condition, blood purifier, virus elimination through saliva, purging, sweat and urine.

2nd month

One day injection one day no injection with every day internal medicine.

After 2nd course

3rd course 30 injections.

2 days once with internal medication every day.

Recovery can be seen with in six days.

After 100 days blood can be tested for positive improvement signs.

One course medicine price RM 400.00.  Accommodation free.  Food not included.



For other chronic aliments, complications developed after modern allopathic medicine treatment, incurable disease as high blood pressure, paralysis, diabetes, migraine, nasal polyp, kidney problems and any other critical chronic aliments: positive results shown within 10 days, if the result is good then continue the treatment. Only payment for registration fees RM 150.00. RM 15.00 for accommodation per day.  These professional and medical services are free. Food not included.



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